Opera, a spectacular performing arts with singers' voices, orchestra's live performances, and magnificent stage sets and costumes, will color the First Triennale in Aichi.
The stage goes away in a moment but the stirring memory will remain in your heart as a life time treasure. Enjoy the stage which has been loved over the time.

Opera LES CONTES D'HOFFMANN (Tales of Hoffmann) is a great piece of composer Offennbach who is famous for eminent operetta works. It attracts audience into a fantasy and illusion world. It consists of all 5 acts or 3 acts with prologue and epilogue. Its magnificent scale bring you the opportunity to enjoy three different stories at one time.
The role of Hoffmann will be sung by the young talented Mexican tenor Arturo Chacon-Cruz and this is his Japan debut. Great Italian bariton, Carlo Colombara will perform the four evil roles. And three sopranos! - Olympia will be sung by Hiroko Kouda whose coloratura is a must to listen, Ryoko Sunakawa will sing a melodic line of Antonia who is suffering from a fatal sickness, and allured courtesan, Giulietta gets a best soprano Akiko Nakajima whose singing and acting are both so much appreciated by theaters in Europe.
Conductor Asher Fisch have been getting a great reputation in major world opera theaters, and stage director Jun Aguni is one of the best opera directors in Japan.
Listen to Hoffmann, his stories, together with us...


A drunken guy named Hoffmann. He goes to a theater where his lady Stella is on the stage singing Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni". During the intermission, students at the bar in the theater ask him to tell something new story. Drunken Hoffmann starts to sing Kleinzach's song but digresses into his past memory with his women. Then he started to tell his three love stories.
His three love stories are like illusions. A life-size mechanical doll Olympia, Antonia, young soprano, who can not stop singing to die, and an allure courtesan Giulietta who strips Hoffmann's shadow.... At last, a Muse is happy that she is able to get back him into arts world as a poet.

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