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Contemporary Music Series No. 6:

Lecture by Yasunao Tone
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Lecture by Y Tone

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Contemporary Music Series Lecture

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Rolf Julius

Yasunao Tone

Carl Stone

Kim Duk-Soo

Yasunao TONE

January 18(Thu.), 2001, Art Space A Lecturer : Yasunao TONE

This lecture series was designed to introduce contemporary music composers and performers whose work cross the boundaries of conventional music genres.
Mr. Tone is known for his experimental performances and critical articles on contemporary music and arts in Japan before his move to the U.S. This lecture and special program for him were good opportunities to learn about his activities in the U.S., since few of them have been introduced in Japan so far.
He presented four of his works which he had been working on since the 1970s that relate Kanji (Chinese characters)with sounds. By playing CDs, he explained the concept of his music, sound sources, musical instruments and the text used in his works.(Akiko Fujii)

photographs by Kiyotoshi Takashima